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ammiano that essentially would make it the law in california that law enforcement could not use condoms as evidence for prostitution. the core of hiv prevention throughout this country has been the fact that condoms are very he critical to preventing hiv and other diseases. it is truly the most effective means by which to prevent transmission of this virus. unfortunately, in direct contradiction to that urgent public health message, we have in some parts of this country and some parts of this state law enforcement that actually use the possession of condoms by a person who is expected or expected of prostitution as evidence that that person indeed engaged in prostitution. and as a result of that, as a result, that law enforcement points to the existence or the use of a condom as evidence for prostitution, many individuals, many sex workers and those who fear being profiled as second workers no longer carry condoms with them, which is something that actually not only creates a public health hazard in terms of their health, but the health of the public as a whole. that really creates mult
not understood] studio design. the law offices of [speaker not understood], [speaker not understood] radio, studio 17 artists and the teaching writer. this is a great event, colleagues. i just would recommend coming down. [speaker not understood] a portion of t. if you have a poem to read, it will be a great way to share with the community. and that's just what i have today. i have a poem in a can that i want to share in honor of poems in the dome event. as you know, our poet laureate suggested that we actually have poetry here in the board chamber. i tried to work on that theme with a haiku for question time with the mayor, but now this is my term to actually open the can [speaker not understood] to read a poem. this is actually -- this can comes from frank and art mart which is actually an inner richmond institution. the practice conceptual themed art and i just love this idea. i want to promote spam. this poem is called numb and it's by jonathan greenal. the people stood quiet [speaker not understood], forging ideas, subjective. they needed worthless. they questioned the points, method
against this. the law makers will not pass them. i'm losing faith in our democracy. congress is letting down these laws. we voted for prop 15 and if it passed today it would pass with more votes. this action correlated with the building boom and any capitalism in san francisco. a city that could not have been made great without working class people. there are no winners here in this legislation. now, earlier i heard about hospitals needing more beds because it seems like they are planning on people being more sick and with the medications they give to people. my mother lost her memory due to statin drugs. i grew up reading herb cane and solving chest problems. i know they has changed for the worst. i have been here since i was born. the dispensary has improved my life. the drug laws killed my father. anyway. >> good afternoon, commissioners, my name is angie. i'm 26 plus year resident of the excels district. i'm with the active group which is a volunteer driven community base non-profit organization. we focus on the mission street corridor between silver and again via. we support the l
. as supervisor cohen pointed out, the budget is one of the most important laws that san francisco passes. it's a law of our source and how we spend it. and it's a plan that sets our priority. so it's important for us to hear from you what those priorities ought to be. i have here on my right, your left, a series of charts that show you a little bit more about san francisco's budget. overall the city's budget is about $7.4 billion annually. that includes all the funds we have to spend. all the city functions and the county functions and the airport and our police department and fire department and human services agency and our health department. you can see the next chart shows you where we get most of our money. so we spend a lot of time in san francisco talking about how to balance the budget. and we tend to focus that balancing conversation on what we call the general fund. those are the funds that the city has discretion over. in terms of making policy choices on what to spend money on and what to cut. where do we get our money? the biggest resource for san francisco and property taxes, i
of times in politics, you basically have a failure of use of the existing laws. the people here that were may believe part of it before you, they put a lot of time in making up these rules and regulations and people come up here and they have this and this, but there are already rules and obligation for that. you have an obligation to use these rules. i have been a member of access for a number of years and i have been to a lot of hearings about mcd's and we need statistical facts and all the -- statistical facts have been in favor of this. i have not heard anything to the contrary of this. all mcd's have been a great thing for the communities. they help the community and they are just really good to have around. that's all i have got to say. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, i hope you are all having a great day today. supporting the american's for safe access. i oppose this because it's not a sense bell approach to make society better. dispensaries contribute to the california's economy. i would like to repeat what one member said, the residents not used to having the medical
clustering at all in the city is because of restrictions that the law and the ordinance have established and limited the number of organizations that they can establish themselves. it's very difficult to find a landlord. so to say you can be in these limited places and when you created the clustering through regulations is effectively to prohibit new dispensaries to open and effectively to have safe access and it really is an attack on the medical cannabis patients and the medical community. thank you. i'm just alex. i'm from georgia, disabled. the restricted zoning seems to be very inconsistent with the city's status as a sanctuary city. it limits competition which is already hurting from the federal intervention. for people to say that dispensaries cause any sort of public safety issues, it would just take walking and looking out to see that they have personnel during business hours. there is constant video surveillance and they are providing medicine which people in the city needs . i think less restrictions would be more appropriate. good afternoon commissioners, my name is steven co
and testing weighing and measuring devices provided by state law in making environmental findings. >> same house same call. this is passed on the first read. >> -- establishing the funds for the department of public health, for violation of solid waste laws. >> president chiu: same house and call. >> item 14 is a resolution designating those agencies qualify to be dissipated and those agencies anticipating in the funding drive for officers and employees in the county of san francisco. >> president chiu: same house and call. >> item 15, guidelines for the establishment and use of the finance industry for project area and lands. >> president chiu: same house and call. >> item 16 is a resolution approving a contract amendment for a transit center road and services to increase and not exceed an amount of approximately 3.3 million to 5.4 million. >> president chiu: supervisor kim, that you want to speak to this item? no. same house and call this resolution is adopted. >> item 17 is a resolution urging city colleges -- >> president chiu: supervisor mar. >> supervisor mar: my staff are currently
with class jurisdictional laws with the federal government and state government and it's a hard decision and every bit as significant as reacting them to these other things. i'm usually not an advocate for more process and more government. in this case, maybe the level should rise to one of c u. i can see not having the 500 foot in there but having a cu for new dispensaries here throughout the city. commissioner hillist. >> thank you all for testifying. i'm very support ive of m cd's. we have three in our neighborhood. i think we are beyond the discussion of where we are talking about of them being magnets for crime or they are not good neighbors. i think we are beyond that. i would support at looking at citywide expanding of where they go. we are limiting where they can go and we can expend citywide to where they should go. the neighbors have a right to define their neighborhoods and we do that with coffee shops, retail, restaurants. so i don't think we can discount the neighborhood wanting to help define what their neighborhood looks like in what it feels like. so i'm supportive, i thi
in politics, medicine, the law, the arts and many other endeavors. thank you again for honoring laura li today. apl (applause)>> president chiu: thank you stephen. anything you want to say? >> honorable president david chiu, distinguished members of the board of supervisors. good to see so many familiar faces here; it's been decades since i appeared before a public body such as this i am a little rusty. i just came back from china a few days ago; while i was there i found out our mayor was there actually. he was just visiting his father's ancestral village. we believe, when you know yourself, we know your roots you build your character. and building character is the foundation of creating strong communities; and strong communities is what gives us a strong country. the greatest gift that we give to our children are wings and roots; wings to soar to the skies and roots to return to. we do this work not just for chinese americans but if americans of all races. we are so blessed that laura is in our lives, sharing her husband the late historian mark li, we are also guided by the chinese principle
call committed is committed to the specific purposes by law and long standing policy as most of the money that you can see in this slide is main nens of the existing system and 90 percent of this money is going to maintain our existing infrastructure that is filling pot holes and replacing buses on a resonable schedule. we don't thifrpg that we should have a big argument about that every four years and the argument that we have is how much more discretionary money that we can bring to that very vital activity what we call fix it first and because our infrastructure in the bay area is frankly not getting any younger. and we need to take care of it if we are going to have the kind of straggy that this plan suggests. and the discretionary income in this plan is where we do tend to have the arguments and that is where we should have the arguments. and i want to spend a minute on where we have wound up on this one and what the board has been asked to consider in july. maybe starting at noon here on the clock hand and going clockwise, you will see that after spending 90 percent of
worked behind the scenes in cooperation with law enforcement and fire and emergency medical response, the men and women who answer this call each day are the true first responders when a emergency strikes which can often make the difference between life-and-death between people in need. they are truly real heroes. please join me in welcoming the director of san francisco management lisa hofmann. [ applause ] >> thank you, tim and thank you elise and kelley from 911 for kids, every year they make this a successful ceremony in honoring children, heroes and dispatchers who are really the people that make it happen to save other people's lives. hold on i have to find my glasses, sorry. they made the font really big, unfortunately my eyes are small. >> thank you all for joining us here today. the department of emergency management is pleased to partner with 911 for kids by honoring the youth heroes, this event marks the third year in a row to team up to present awards, we are happy to recognize in the audience, supervisor john avalos and the executive director from our department of emerg
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)